The Cursed Helldivers Tierlist
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 Published On Mar 26, 2024

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Titan meme used in the background by @VixVoxFox :

   • Helldivers: Advanced Bug Persuasion  

Gen Z memes used in the background:

   • 21st Century Gen Z Humor  

Music used:

Windwaker OST,
Halo CE, Halo 2, Halo 3 and Halo 3 ODST OSTs (yes it's a very halo soundtrack lol)

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intro: 00:00
E tier: 00:14
D tier: 01:23
C tier: 04:20
B tier: 06:56
A tier: 09:29
S Tier: 13:15
CURSED: 15:30

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day 1 thumb 3 brighter, with text. Title "the cursed helldiver tierlist"
day 2 thumb 5 no text, title "I Ranked The Most Cursed Ways To Play Helldivers 2"
day 3/4 thumb 7 'ride titan' text (swapped to cleaner riding 8 thumb and titan to "cursed helldivers strategems"
then changed to old vid inverted (2 5) no background
day 5, changed to cursed not inverted then to uninverted foreground The Most Cursed Ways To Play Helldivers
Day 10 title to Breaking the Meta In Helldivers 2, thumb to 7 ride titan

day 15, back to riding titan tierlist with helldivers in foreground
day 16, basic 1

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