RAID: Call of the Arbiter | Discover the Lore | Episode 4: Elhain & the High Elves
Raid: Shadow Legends Raid: Shadow Legends
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 Published On Premiered Jun 10, 2023

Dive into the rich history of Teleria and its people with our dedicated Call of the Arbiter lore series! For this episode, learn more about the High Elves and their glittering kingdom of Aravia.

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Executive Producers: Nicholas D. Day, Gary Rosenfeld, and Jay Oliva
Produced by: Eric S. Rollman
Directed by: Jay Oliva
Written by: Kendall Deacon Davis & Alex Haughey
Music by: Jesper Kyd
Based on a game created by the Plarium Ukraine Studio

Animation production services provided by TeamTo.

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This series is dedicated to the people of Ukraine.

“We will get through all this together because our unity is our strength. Take care of your loved ones and yourselves; we will rebuild our beautiful country once all this ends.”

-Plarium Ukraine Studio

© Plarium Global LTD, 2023. All rights reserved.

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Based on the mobile & PC game RAID: Shadow Legends.

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