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 Published On Feb 2, 2024

It's Apple Vision Pro week! Marques sits down with Andrew and David to answer all their questions and even a few that we scraped from the YouTube comments of the videos we put out this week. If you want to know whether or not you can use the Apple Vision Pro with a Windows computer or if you can hot swap the battery, this is the episode for you. Afterwards, we talk about how the new App store rules in the EU before wrapping it all up with trivia.

00:00 Intro
01:40 Apple Vision Pro Headband and Fit
06:24 Eyesight
11:13 Eye Tracking
16:05 Using it as main computer
25:22 Arm tracking
29:33 Trivia question
30:36 Visible (Sponsored)
31:36 Q&A About Apple Vision Pro
44:46 Does it work with Windows?
47:17 What is FaceTime like?
54:01 Setting up the headset
57:54 Using non-Apple earbuds
59:59 How long will Marques use it?
01:02:33 Focus distance
01:06:04 Hot swapping batteries
01:08:30 Trivia question
01:09:08 Ad
01:18:56 Apple v EU
01:35:03 Trivia Answers
01:39:58 Outro

MKBHD Apple Vision Pro Unboxing:
MKBHD Using Apple Vision Pro:
WSJ Apple Vision Pro video:
Verge Decapitated a Mac story:
Vacuuming in AR:
F1 AR Render:

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