New Killer Vecna "The Lich" (Mori, Power, Map, Perks...) | Dead by Daylight PTB
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 Published On May 14, 2024

First time checking out the new Killer "The Lich" also known as Vecna (from the original Dungeons & Dragons mythology, NOT the Vecna from Stranger Things). As well as the new Survivor and Map. This content is currently available on the PTB for Dead by Daylight on PC (Steam) and will come to the live servers in about 3 weeks!

00:00 - Intro
01:16 - Killer Menu Animation
06:08 - New Map & Killer in action
11:11 - Locker pull animation
13:23 - Mori Animation
14:00 - Exploring the Dungeon
18:42 - Grab animation
20:54 - Survivor Perks Explained*
24:40 - Funniest Interaction
29:04 - Killer Addons (first impressions)

*Still Sight now shows the aura of the Killer as well.

Thumbnail 3D render by @Ev3ntic.

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