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 Published On Aug 09, 2021

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Happily Ever After - Episode 1

Leyla (Elcin Sangu) is a beautiful girl who is dumped at her wedding day. While she is dreaming to get married to her lovely boyfriend Sarp (Ozan Dolunay), she is left alone without any explanation. Leyla does not understand why his boyfriend whom she has known from the university has left without saying a word. She cannot accept this situation and assumes that there must a reasonable explanation.

After her life turns upside down at her wedding day, Leyla finds it so hard to get back into a normal life. Throughout these hard times, she gets a support from her mother Meral (Derya Alabora), her father Halil (Hakan Salinmis) and her close friend Seda (Deniz Isin). With the suggestion of her friend, Leyla starts to work as a wedding planner and does her best to organize beautiful weddings. She does not like bad surprises in the life and for this reason, she does her best to prevent a bad thing happen in the weddings that she organizes.

Leyla dedicates all her time to her work and decides to make other couples’ dreams come true in order to forget a tragedy in her life. Even though Leyla broke up with Sarp 5 years ago, she still feels that she is not ready for a new relationship and refuses to date with anyone. Even though she states that she has forgotten everything in the past, she still loves Sarp and hopes that he has a reasonable explanation for leaving her behind. Therefore, Leyla does her best to get rid of a new relationship when her mother or her friend wants to arrange a boyfriend for her.

Genre: Comedy, Romance
Broadcast Network: Star TV
Production Company: O3 Medya
Director: Metin Balekoglu
Screen Writer: Aksel Bonfil - Pelin Karamehmetoglu


Elçin Sangu
Mehmet Ozan Dolunay
Yasemin Allen
Şenay Gürler
Derya Alabora
Deniz Işın
Yusuf Çim

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