Sonic vs Rule 34 Collection (Volume 1)
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 Published On Jul 28, 2022

Eggman’s found the one true weakness of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rule 34. Yes, after years of being second-best to the world’s fastest spiny mammal, the evil scientist turned to the internet. After spending hours on his Google machine, trying to find the perfect combination of words, the moustachioed villain found what he was looking for: the most heinous material that would send a ‘hog stir crazy. Sonic Rule 34, Rule 34 Sonic, Sonic vs Rule 34… the Egg-shaped one bundled up everything he could grab, stuck it into one of his contraptions and beamed it all directly into the Blue Blur’s eyeballs.

When you’re staring at Mario getting stomped on by Princess Peach, or Kirby screaming at you to “eat him,” you know your arch nemesis is really out to get you. For this little hedgehog, this isn’t a Sonic game… this is Sonic life. So, for your viewing pleasure (disgust?), here is all of that – plus other video game characters in scantily-clad dress, like Tails, a Pokemon, Lady Dimitrescu and Donkey Kong – in Sonic vs Rule 34 Collection (Volume 1). Enjoy.

Sonic vs Rule 34
Produced by Tom Jenkins
Written and Animated by Pegbarians
Voice of Sonic by Blake Swift
Voice of Dr Eggman, Tails & Knuckles by Alex Walker Smith
Voice of Amy, Blaze and Rouge by Anna Moorey
Sound Design by Jason Alan Dewey
Music composed by Alex Walker Smith

Sonic vs Rule 34 PART TWO
Produced by Tom Jenkins and Ben Michael
Written and Animated by Martijn Calkhoven (Pegbarians)
Kink Konsulting by Marachime and friends
Voice of Sonic and Captain Falcon by Blake Swift
Voice of Mario by RicanFly
Voice of Kirby by Stephan Watson
Voice of Rambi by Steven Kelly
Voice of Donkey Kong and Luigi by Florian Walraven
Voice of Lady Dimitrescu and Tails by Eileen 'EileMonty' Montgomery
Sound Design by Jason Alan Dewey
Music Composed by Alex Walker Smith


There's Something About Amy (Part 2)


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