America Always Gets This Wrong (when building transit)
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Why is it that in the US & Canada, we're always being told that we can't justify the ridership for transit projects? And why is it that when we do build transit, it's struggles to gain riders? It all comes down to what surrounds that transit line. Good transit requires good land-use.

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"TEXRail Ribbon Cutting" by Fort Worth City Hall is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Innsbruck Population (the Google result is wrong):

Tram in London, Ontario

Historical Los Angeles Railway Network

TravelTime Map demo (for walkshed animation)

Toronto Interactive Zoning Map

Amid cost overruns and project delays, the Mississauga Transitway is complete

Mississauga Transitway

Missed opportunities on the Mississauga Transitway

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Confessions of a Recovering Engineer
Charles "Chuck" Marohn

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0:00 Introduction
0:52 We're too small for transit
1:43 Smaller cities aren't too small
2:51 Building for cars vs. transit
3:39 Land use matters!
5:09 Good transit needs good land use
5:50 Oh no it's the business park again
6:56 Mississauga's car-centric BRT
8:12 Transit-oriented development
8:51 When there's not enough D in your TOD
9:56 Can we build transit first?
10:47 When you build for cars you get traffic
11:14 The subway to nowhere
11:44 The memes are leaking
12:04 IJburg and its trams
12:51 What can the US & Canada do?
14:28 City Beautiful & Portland
15:12 Curiosity Stream is a good deal
15:52 Patreon shout-out

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