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 Published On Sep 5, 2023

🛠️ Welcome to the Ultimate Jesper Makes Experience! 🛠️

Ever wondered what you can craft from a pile of reclaimed wood? Or how to turn pallets into masterpieces? Sit back and enjoy this epic compilation of my 12 best builds that will change how you see wood. Forever.

🎬 What's Inside? 🎬

Get to know me and my journey in "The Story of Jesper Makes."
Witness the transformation of junk wood into luxurious tables worth thousands. Step inside a pallet wood bedroom that'll make you rethink interior design. Discover how I turned losses into lessons while crafting a Viking table. And much more!

🔨 Why Should You Watch? 🔨
Get inspired to start your own woodworking projects.
Learn tips and tricks that you won't find anywhere else.
Experience the good, the bad, and the utterly surprising aspects of woodworking.

📚 Chapters 📚
00:00 The story of Jesper Makes #JesperMakes
12:36 Making a $2,400 junk wood table! #palletblockrivertable
35:07 $2500 designer bench from FREE pallet wood #hermanmiller
53:11 Turning 2 free pallets into a $771 table! #palletfurniture
1:10:23 I made a cutting board. But not like you thought #reclaimedwood
1:23:07 Big viking table for a client. I lost my money. #vikings
1:37:22 I surprised my wife with a PALLET WOOD BEDROOM! #palletproject
1:49:48 How I Turned a Rotten Log into 3,500 on Etsy #etsyshop
2:02:39 Reclaimed wood workbench. REALLY reclaimed #woodworking
2:16:00 I can’t believe I sold this for $1599 #coffeetable
2:26:29 Reclaimed Wood Bench - Turning Rubbish Wood Into Furniture #rubbishwood21
2:37:54 Log Bench Ideas - How I build log benches without nails and screws #logs

🌟 Special Cameo Appearances 🌟
A huge shoutout to the incredible makers who popped by for some epic cameos in this compilation:

Mark Dainer: @dainermade (Link to Mark's channel)
Shane Conlan: @diyforknuckleheads (Link to Shane's channel)
Tim Greenwood: @turgworks4138 (Link to Tim's channel)
Tim Stark: @timstark3312 (Link to Tim's channel)
James Finger: @FixitFingers (Link to James' channel)
Jason Hibbs: @Bourbonmoth (Link to Jason's channel)
Pat Lap: @PatLap (Link to Pat's channel)
Jimmy Diresta: @jimmydiresta (Link to Jimmy's channel)

Make sure to check out their channels for more woodworking awesomeness!

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So grab a cup, hit that play button, and let's dive into this woodworking journey together.

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