Dark Magician - Failed Cards, Archetypes, and Sometimes Mechanics in Yu-Gi-Oh
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 Published On Feb 10, 2024

Alright, we’ve had almost 10 years of copium. It’s time to admit that Dark Magician is a flop. Maybe not in your hearts, but definitely in the TCG Meta. Nostalgia has brought this deck a long way, and many of us have played it since it’s one of the most iconic cards in the game, which really is a shame since this deck has never honestly gotten its time to shine. It’s a tough time for the ultimate wizard in terms of attack and defense. For all the support it has received throughout our lifespan, the OG of Yu-Gi-Oh can’t put it all together, or in this case, it did, but it went nowhere. So before you guys burn us at the stake, grab your Hogwarts wands, set hexes on us, and tell us to “get good” with everyone’s favorite bad deck, watch this video and see why Dark Magician failed severely in the

Script by Victor Guildford
Edited by Lily

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