This is the perfect ASMR video for work, study and sleep!
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 Published On Nov 8, 2023

psst... WHO'S READY FOR BACKGROUND ASMR 🀍 I put together tingly personal attention clips that you've really enjoyed in the past into a long asmr video ideal for background asmr while you're working, studying, sleeping :) I hope you enjoy!

0:00 Intro
0:20 plucking sth off your face
7:13 real person asmr arm scratching
10:06 little red cups
12:08 blue face glove
14:00 light stick/looking for bugs
17:03 scratch scratch
18:46 ''ok ok''
21:18 energy rain with cork
26:37 plucking fuzzies off your scalp
30:04 playing with your hair
35:10 visual kaleidoscope trigger
38:06 X marks the spot
43:40 red cups with positive affirmations
49:00 powder pearls on your face
50:18 scoop scoop
51:16 energy rain with makeup
54:40 pimple stickers on your face
59:20 blue glove / massaging your face
1:01:59 shh...
1:03:04 all up in your face hand movements
1:17:40 magic powder

#asmr #backgroundasmr #forsleep

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