Woah, is it ok after this jaw dropping eruption!?
Marcus House Marcus House
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 Published On Oct 28, 2023

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Each week we are truly blown away by the achievements and milestones made in all things space. That bold quest to explore and push our boundaries into the cosmic dark. This week was no exception with the largest most powerful rocket in history poised ready to take flight. But Woah, is it ok after this jaw dropping eruption from the deluge!? Then we have countless active and ongoing missions operating in more and more corners of our solar system. It is hard to keep up to date isn’t it? Well, as it happens, we smoosh all the best stuff down, grind it into an easily digestible paste, and serve it right up for you each week. So, dive in friends!

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πŸ”— Sierra Space & Dream Chaser

The production crew:
GameplayReviewUK, TiagoCruz, Mr Pleasant, Virtu, Orbitly

Support from the below is always massively appreciated:
πŸ“· NASASpaceFlight - https://www.youtube.com/@NASASpaceflight
πŸ“· RGVAerialPhotography - https://www.youtube.com/@RGVAerialPhotography
πŸ“· Greg Scott - https://twitter.com/GregScott_photo
πŸ“· Starship Gazer - https://twitter.com/StarshipGazer
πŸ“· Cosmic Perspective - https://www.youtube.com/@CosmicPerspective
πŸ“· LabPadre - https://www.youtube.com/@LabPadre
πŸ“· Epic Spaceflight - https://www.youtube.com/@EpicSpaceflight

Set models:
😍 Mini venting Starship/SLS - https://stardesk.peachs.co/a/marcus-house
😍 Starship, & Crew Dragon by - https://morethan3d.com/
😍 Moon/Mars Mova Globes - https://www.movaglobes.com/
😍 Saturn V - LEGO - https://www.lego.com/en-au/product/lego-nasa-apollo-saturn-v-92176
😍 Space Shuttle - LEGO - https://www.lego.com/en-au/product/nasa-space-shuttle-discovery-10283

3D artist magicians:
✨ Tony Bela - https://twitter.com/InfographicTony
✨ Ryan Hansen Space - https://twitter.com/RyanHansenSpace
✨ Erc X - https://twitter.com/ErcXspace
✨ Corey - https://twitter.com/C_Bass3d
✨ Alex Svan - https://twitter.com/AlexSvanArt
✨ DeepSpaceCourier - https://twitter.com/ds_courier
✨ SpaceXvision - https://twitter.com/SpacexVision
✨ Stanley Creative - https://twitter.com/Caspar_Stanley
✨ Matt Ryan - https://twitter.com/MattR5226
✨ TijnM_3DAnimations - https://twitter.com/m_tijn
✨ Christian Debney - https://twitter.com/ChristianDebney
✨ Evan Karen - https://www.youtube.com/@EvanKaren
✨ 3D Daniel - https://twitter.com/3DDaniel1

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