Top 10 Craziest Unreleased Concept Cars
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 Published On Jun 21, 2022

These are the Top 10 Craziest Concept Cars that never made it past the design stage. We included both official and unofficial concept cars just to see how bizarre these cars can get. From the Maserati Sailland that can detach its cabin into a luxury yacht to the craziest Lamborghini hypercar design we've ever seen, these are some of the coolest unreleased cars in the world that we wish were real.

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10. Maserati Sailland (Designed by Gloria Yin) -

9. Porsche GT3 Volkswagen Beetle (Designed by Khyzyl Saleem) -

8. Apple Project Titan (Designed by TechBlood) -

7. BMW M4 Camper (Designed by Bradbuilds) -

6. The Thundertruck (Designed by Wolfgang) -

5. The Next Day (Designed by Lynk & Co) -

4. KIA EV-X Concept (Designed by Seokjae Ham) -

3. Audi R9 (Designed by Nicad Ibadov) -

2. Bugatti Verriere Royale (Designed by Ramon Bäurle) -

1. Lamborghini Fantazma (Designed by Yuhoon Go) -

Honorable Mention
Electric Alfa Romeo Supercar (Designed by Klaus Dahlenkamp) -


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