If I Laugh, a Pokémon Dies #8
Purplecliffe Purplecliffe
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 Published On Apr 3, 2022

only true gamers can make it to the end without laughing.

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hi! you made it to the part of the description where i get to type dumb stuff. in this video i play pokemon platinum but my viewers can make me laugh and if i laugh i lose blah blah blah. Thanks for watching this video, or even taking the time to read this part of the description! Me and the team are taking this month off to get some rest after all of last year, BDSP, and Legends Arceus coming out nonstop. Trust me, the stuff we have planned for the summer is really fun. Cannot wait to see you all then. Until then, get good grades in school, and work your butt off so you can enjoy the summer to the maximum.
cya in may,

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if my viewers can make me laugh, I lose a pokemon in my nuzlocke. Can I beat pokemon black with quiet possibly the hardest chances of winning? This pokemon challenge in pokemon black is literally impossible.

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