Teardown - Console Announce Trailer
Xbox Xbox
5.45M subscribers

 Published On May 24, 2023

Teardown, the best-selling, award-winning, fully destructible, voxel-based sandbox heist game developed by Tuxedo Labs, will launch on Xbox Series X|S later this year!

Key Features:

💡Plan and execute the perfect heists with emergent, physics-based gameplay, fully destructible voxel environments, and realistic simulations for debris, fire, water and more.

🧨Create your own unique solutions to any challenge with a range of tools, including sledgehammers, blow torches, explosives and more, plus vehicles like cars, excavators, loaders, plows and cranes.

🎬 Full story campaign and expansion: Take on 40 missions of escalating stakes in the main campaign, plus even more action in the bonus “Art Vandals” expansion.

🏗 Sandbox mode: Play around with unlimited resources and an abundance of vehicles. Spawn in objects and experiment with your full set of tools. No pressure, just pleasure.

📣 Curated mods: Discover new maps, scenarios, mini-games, tools, vehicles and other creations with a curated collection of the community’s best mods at your fingertips.

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