Mike Tomlin on Pitt legacy, Super Bowls, Flores Hiring & Future without Big Ben | The Pivot Podcast
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 Published On Premiered Jun 21, 2022

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A man who needs no introduction...we have a great one for you today with an extended version of this episode and more to come during the week!

In a rare sit down appearance, Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach, Mike Tomlin joins The Pivot for a candid conversation talking about impactful moments over the years and sharing untold stories from Super Bowls to coaching dynamic players to inside look of being the NFL's only current black Head Coach. 

Ryan, who played for Coach Tomlin, reminisces through their Super Bowl runs and legendary defense the team assembled in the late 2000's while Fred is eager to ask the question of why Coach didn't try to sign him when he became a free agent after all those high yardage games at Heinz Field. In awe of the relationship Mike T has developed his with the men who played for him, Channing enviously asks what is the secret to earning the respect of all and never having a losing season in 15 years.

Continuing the conversation, the guys get into minority hiring around the league and how Brian Flores ended up as part of the current staff after controversy surrounded his release. Coach Tomlin says it was never the intent but describes the addition as a win for the organization to have Flores apart of the coaching regime.

Ryan talks about some of his former Steeler Teammates and asks the specifically noting that this will be the first time in 15 seasons that Tomlin has coached the Steelers he has always had Big Ben at the helm to run his offense and how the team will move forward.

In a lighter moment, Channing asks about the infamous Jacoby Jones return interference which cost Mike T a 100K fine in 2013 as we get the play by play of what really happened that day.

Admiring the legacy Tomlin has formed, Fred, Channing and Ryan all share something special they take from their conversation and the mutual respect they have for his impact on the game.

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