Paul George on Bronny James Joining the Lakers, What Makes SGA Special, & Evolution of the NBA
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 Published On Jul 1, 2024

Paul George and New Orleans Pelicans rising star Trey Murphy spent time during the NBA Draft to explore the state of the NBA and answer some burning questions about the game.

Note: This Episode Was Recorded During the Second Round of the NBA Draft on June 27, 2024

0:00 Start
3:20 Bronny James Drafted By The Lakers
8:40 Difference Between Past and Present Rookies
14:56 Jared McCain Social Media’s Presence
16:53 All-NBA Honors Being Postionless
23:30 Call of Duty
26:05 Most Important Trait For Winning The MVP
32:10 Most Challenging Part of Comepting in the NBA?
33:17 Playing with Zion
39:45 Readjusting the Playoffs
43:37 Keeping A Big Lead In The NBA
48:23 Prioritizing Iso Defense
53:55 Is Jrue Holiday the best defender?
57:30 Trey Murphy III Defense Ability
1:00:45 Most Difficult Player To Guard
1:03:00 Supporting Zion
1:05:10 Fully Healthy Pelicans Potential
1:05:50 Summer NBA Workouts
1:11:00 Center Yourself After Getting A Lot of Money

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