WOW! Finally the SpaceX 33 Engine Static Fire! Is it ok?, and Chandrayaan-3 Landing Record
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 Published On Aug 26, 2023

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Humans are pretty creative right?! You know, the relentless curiosity and dream to explore. This week my friends, has been absolutely incredible. Today the Finally the SpaceX 33 Engine Static Fire will blow your mind, and Chandrayaan-3 Landing Record Breaking Success चंद्रयान-3 is absolutely incredible (sadly Luna-25 did not make it). We have SpaceX and NASA's Crew 7, the Progress MS-24 resupply to the ISS, Rocket Lab fly the 'We Love the Nightlife' mission, and the JWST captures the Ring Nebula! As the countdown to move to the next level of space exploration screams forward, and massive milestones, how can you not be inspired!? Well, if you aren’t. You will be after watching this!

The Electron journey home from BabyComeBack!

Webb and Hubble’s views of the Ring Nebula

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