Tesla Model 3/Y Tips & Tricks: 30 Hidden Features!
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 Published On Oct 15, 2020

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0:00 Tesla Tips & Tricks
0:24 Full Screen Apps
0:50 Tesla Waze Site
1:17 Secret Autopark
1:53 Priority Device
2:15 Blind Spot Camera
2:43 Maximum Security
3:10 Keyless Driving
3:36 Share Destination
3:53 Cancel Turn Signal
4:17 Open Charge Port
4:27 Save DashCam Clips
4:39 Disengage Autopilot
4:57 Quick Gear Shift
5:12 Brilliant (Sponsor)
6:10 Autopilot Speed Limit
6:51 Joe Mode
7:03 Quick Navigation View
7:21 Voice Commands
7:50 Jeda USB Hub
8:13 Parking Brake
8:24 Reboot Screen
8:40 Swipe Gestures
9:25 Climate Control
9:59 Accurate Range
10:17 Quick Set Speed
10:43 Dismiss Autopilot Alert
10:57 Safe Park
11:07 Engage Wipers
11:35 Optimize Autopilot
11:51 Model Y Hatch

Full Screen Apps: http://ABetterTheater.com
Tesla Waze App: https://teslawaze.azurewebsites.net

Since Tesla lacks the typical blind spot lights on the side mirrors, if I’m about to change lanes or merge I like to tap the camera icon to reveal the backup camera since Tesla recently allows you to swipe up to reveal both blind spot cameras. If you want to maximize the security on your Tesla, you can do 2 things: Enable multi factor authentication with a free 2 factor authentication app. In your Tesla app choose Start under Controls section and it will unlock your Tesla and allow anyone to drive it within a 2 minute countdown. Enable honk to save dash cam clips so you can quickly honk and it will save the footage to your DashCam drive. Voice commands have improved so if you want do something, first try to see if there’s a voice command for it by pressing the right scroll wheel button and saying the command. If you like to use Google Maps to look up a destination on your phone before getting into your Tesla, you can share the destination to your Tesla by pressing the “Share” button on your phone, then select the Tesla App and it'll send the destination to your Tesla navigation system. Hold down on the fan icon for a few seconds to turn off the climate control which is much easier than tapping. Hold down on the fan icon when you’re done defrosting or defogging to turn off everything to save you from tapping multiple times and to help you maximize your range efficiency if you don't need the climate control to stay on. Autopilot detects the speed limit zone you’re in, and if you enable Autopilot it will set your speed to the speed limit, but you can go into your settings and set it to relative +5 which means Autopilot will automatically set the speed to 5 mph over the speed limit. When you’re on cruise control or Autopilot and you accelerate up to a certain speed do a quick scroll up on the right scroll wheel and instead of increasing by 5 mph it will actually set your cruise speed to whatever speed you’re at when you do the quick scroll. If Autopilot doesn’t detect a hand on the wheel it will eventually alert you to nudge the wheel to make sure you’re still paying attention, but instead of nudging the wheel you can also toggle or press either of the scroll wheel buttons to quickly dismiss the Autopilot alert. To avoid being alerted by Autopilot about grabbing the wheel, try to set your steering wheel and seat position in a way that you can comfortably rest each of your elbows on either side and rest your hand on the bottom left or right part of the steering wheel to satisfy Autopilot while also being comfortable.

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