How Quitting Chemicals & Fake Food Saved Her Life | Guest: Shawna Holman | Ep 810
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 Published On Premiered May 23, 2023

Today we're joined by Shawna Holman, founder of A Little Less Toxic, to discuss her story of learning to build a less toxic life and share tips on how we can take steps in the same direction. Shawna shares her story of struggling through illness and endless antibiotic treatments, only to find that lifestyle changes would ultimately help heal her body. We discuss Shawna's approach to both simplifying your life and also making your home less toxic, even if it starts with eliminating just one toxic cleaning product. We talk about the "crunchy" movement and why the "all or nothing" mentality can overwhelm rather than help. We also discuss the balance of modern medicine – while we're overprescribing and overmedicating, modern medicine is saving lives. How do we find a good balance and correct answers to our health questions? Then, how toxic is birth control, and which methods are safer than others?

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(00:00) Intro
(01:44) Shawna's illness story
(13:30) Making lifestyle changes
(16:45) Elimination diet
(18:30) Balance & lifestyle changes
(25:20) ALLT approach
(29:20) Contraceptives
(33:01) Modern medicine
(37:42) How to find good answers to health questions
(41:06) Recent changes
(44:10) Seed oils


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How Quitting Chemicals & Fake Food Saved Her Life | Guest: Shawna Holman | Ep 810

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