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 Published On Mar 22, 2023

There are a few things Druski can't live without. From his 4LIFERS pendant chain and an Xbox to his leggings and and some moldy Birkenstocks, here are the comedian's essentials.

Director - Graham Corrigan
Director of Photography - Grant Bell
Editor - Robby Massey
Talent - Druski
Producer - Kristen Rakes
Associate Producer - Sam Dennis
Production Manager - Andressa Pelachi
Production Coordinator - Kevin Balash
Talent Bookers - Mica Medoff, Paige Garbarini
Camera Operator - Lucas Vilicich
Audio - Kari Barber
Production Assistants - Ariel Labasan, Liza Antonova
Post Production Supervisor - Rachael Knight
Supervising Editor - Rob Lombardi
Assistant Editors - Billy Ward

00:00 Druski's Essentials
00:18 Camouflage
01:04 Notebook
01:49 Jewelry
02:52 Q-Tips and Floss Picks
03:30 Leggings
04:15 Xbox
04:43 Bond No. 9 Cologne
05:17 Birkenstocks
05:44 Dance Trophy
06:12 Essentia Water
06:53 Dice

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