Digital Currencies: The Future of Money?
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 Published On Dec 15, 2020

Will digital money disrupt the ways that countries, institutions, and people interact? A global tension is bubbling to the surface - China is moving ahead with its own digital yuan, the Libra Association is creating a supra-national currency, and the Federal Reserve is battling to maintain the primacy of the U.S. dollar. On top of all this, COVID-19 has prompted contactless payments, global downturns have spurred governments to issue checks directly to citizens, and private companies have pushed into minting their own currencies.

Join the Belfer Center’s Economic Diplomacy Initiative (EDI) to learn from experts about the new direction of money. Belfer Center Executive Director Aditi Kumar will lead a conversation with:

Dante Disparte, Vice Chair and Head of Policy and Communications at Libra Association

Julia Friedlander, Senior Fellow and Deputy Director of the Global Economics and Business Program at Atlantic Council and formerly Director for the European Union, Southern Europe, and Economic Affairs for the National Security Council

Chuanwei David Zou, Chief Economist of Wanxiang Blockchain and formerly at the China Investment Corporation

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