The Biggest CHEATER in Pokemon History was Finally Caught
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 Published On Premiered Jan 21, 2024

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I've added a few corrections below in the description and as a reply to the pinned comment.

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A couple things I need to correct:

1. I said that Jadiwi was streaming Sapphire, this actually isn't correct as he never streamed Sapphire, the 1:56:55 was the only footage that he ever uploaded of him playing the game, and wasn't done live.

2. The odds of getting past the rival fight and no encounter route 1 aren't 5%, that operation should have been .02 x .03, not added like I did. Further, while it is a 2% chance to get 0 encounters, the chance of getting a 5 turn rival fight aren't actually 3% as I mentioned, that's if you get five tackles, but the fight can arrive at a 5 turn death other ways or even be faster. If tail whip happens early and lowers your defense you can still die in 5 turns, and a late tail whip can cause a 5 turn death if one of its tackles crits, on top of this if you get a Charmander with certain stats there can even be a 4 turn death if Squirtle does tail whip and three tackles. So, while I did get the probability math wrong there are a lot of edge cases that can get you to a 5 or even 4 turn death

3. At 28:07 I presented the odds incorrectly for a 1 in 800 chance, it should have been 0.00125 without the % or 0.125%, what I showed on screen is a 1 in 80,000 chance.

4. The year in the date of the timeline is incorrect, it should read 2023 not 2024, as that implies the runs were done in the future; all dates are correct except for the year.

5. The model of TI calculator that will run Red are the TI-84 Plus CE and TI-83 Premium CE, which use a processor from 2007, not 1974 as the base model and Plus SE models do which I said in the video, still old hardware, but not quite as old as 1974.

Thanks to everyone that pointed these out.

About the Flashcart Splice

Jadiwi stated he did the run on a flashcart which has faster loads than a DS, but his loads are about the same as the DS, which leaves a few possibilities:

- He accounted for this when splicing (what I presented in the video)
- He did save sections on a DS then spliced them onto a flash cart


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