Minecraft, But I survive in Evbo's PARKOUR CIVILIZATION! [FULL MOVIE]
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 Published On Feb 2, 2024

THE FULL MOVIE! Thank you all for watching. This series has changed my life. I'm so excited to continue making stories. Leave a comment below telling me how you like the ending!

Some skins were made by Aethema

Voice Actors: ‪@ShadowMageYT‬ Bucky Ducky & Lilitha

ALL CREDIT FOR THE IDEA GOES TO EVBO! Subscribe to him! ‪@Evbo‬
This is a fan-made project that I had lots of fun creating. I made almost everything in this video myself and didn't steal any of Evbo's videos, but the video is 100% inspired by Evbo's Parkour Civilization Series on YouTube, and it wouldn't be possible without him!
- - -
Big Thanks to the Mod: Blockbuster, which I used to make a lot of things in this video.

I really enjoyed Evbo's Parkour Civilization Videos. Go watch them here!

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