History of Clash Royale's Most Game-Changing Air Troop
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 Published On Premiered Feb 8, 2024

In 2016, MEGA MINION, used to be considered the most Game-Changing card in Clash Royale! So, what in the Clash Royale world happened? How did the best card in the game become so average? Watch the video to find out!

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00:00 The King of All Air Troops
00:58 2016 - The Rise of the Mega Menace
13:41 2017 - Storms Brew on the Horizon
17:32 2018 - The Subtle Sting of Nerfs
18:40 2019 - When Legends Collided
22:12 2020 - The Mega-Years Have Ended
22:50 2022 - From the Ashes, a Phoenix Arose
24:53 2023 - The Return of the King

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