I Finally Broke a Game Too Hard and It Became Unwinnable - Winter Survival
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 Published On Mar 23, 2024

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I Finally Broke a Game Too Hard and It Became Unwinnable - Winter Survival - Let's Game It Out


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More about Winter Survival (from Steam):

What was supposed to be a nice winter hike in the Mount Washington State Park with friends, turned into a dire situation. You are left alone to fight for your survival. With only marginal supplies you have to fight off of the cold, thirst, hunger, wildlife and your own state of mind while finding your way to an abandoned ranger station in hope to be able to call for help.

Winter Survival is a fully fledged survival game even going into Early Access, with dynamic combat, stealth, base building and its unique sanity system just to name a few. Multiple game modes and difficulties allow you to experience the game differently and tailor it to your taste.

Venture through snow-covered forests, mountains, and frozen lakes. Grapple with treacherous terrain, deadly animals, and harsh winter conditions. Find shelter, cook meals, and rest, ready to face the next day. Hope it won’t be your last…

Hunt or be hunted. Use the environment to your advantage. Observe your prey, study its behaviour, make and set traps to capture animals. Craft torches to scare away wolves. Make spears to throw at prey and protect yourself from apex predators that surround the area.

Gather resources, learn how to craft all sorts of useful things and build shelters and other structures to escape everyday struggles.
Some resources are easy to find, some are only available in certain areas, others have to be gained from hunting and some are left behind by those before you.

The extended crafting system ranges from simple campfires to cook food to building entire shelters and protective structures wherever you please. It is the crafting and building system that will allow you to slowly transition from unbearable danger to a more manageable environment - if you prepare properly.

Choose from:

Story Mode: Learn more about yourself and people long gone while you struggle to survive. Find your friends and get back home.

Endless Mode: Take advantage of more resources and crafting options as you try to conquer the world around you. Start and proceed how you want.

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