iTunes Top 100 Most Successful Songs Globally [Since 2010]
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 Published On Jun 12, 2021

The top 100 best performing songs on Global iTunes since 2010. The positions are based on Kworb's iTunes charts:

Please remember that the positions in this video are NOT based on real sales numbers. In Kworb's methodology, countries are divided into four different tiers based on their market size. Points are then given based on their positions on the daily iTunes charts. For example, being #1 on iTunes in a Tier 1 country (like US or Japan) gives the song 1600 points, while in a tier 3 country (like Sweden or Colombia) the song gets 300 points for being #1 on iTunes. Being #2 on iTunes in a tier 1 country gives the song 1569 points while in a tier 3 country 294.2 points. All of this of course means you get the same number of points for being #1 on iTunes with 15 000 sales as you get for being #1 with only 1500 sales.
You can read more about the methodology here:

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-Shape Of You
-Justin Bieber
-Blinding Lights
-Bad Guy
-Lady Gaga
-Bruno Mars
-Ed Sheeran
-Katy Perry
-Taylor Swift
-Ariana Grande
-The Weeknd
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-Rolling in the deep
-Adele 21

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