How The Fermi Paradox Explains The Combine
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 Published On Apr 15, 2024

This video took way longer than i wanted it to go, turns out trying to explain stuff like this makes you dig deep into information about how life works and just fills my head with more questions than answers. The original video was 31:45 minutes long but i figured most of you would not stick around for that long. Hope you guys enjoyed watching as i enjoyed making this :)

Fermi paradox (i suggest reading books on this topic) :

Great filter (i suggest reading books on this topic) :

Fallout - Official Trailer:
   • Fallout - Official Trailer | Prime Video  

YUNA - Unreal Engine 5 - Post Apocalyptic City Environment
   • YUNA - Unreal Engine 5 - Post Apocaly...  

[SFM] The Seven hour war - Trailer
   • [SFM] The Seven hour war - Trailer  

Seven hour war (meme):
   • Seven Hour War  

Black Mesa Official Trailer:
   • Black Mesa Official Trailer  

Half-Life 2 on OS X - Free Yourself
   • Half-Life 2 on OS X - Free Yourself  

A giraffe kicked a naughty rhino (Made me laugh more than necessary)
   • A giraffe kicked a naughty rhino (ORI...  

There is also various stock footage that i don't think is necessary to link here (meaning i just forgot to save the links lol)

Footage recorded with OBS:
-The last of us Part I (PC version, although i recommend buying it on the PS5)
-Half life 2 and episode 1 and 2 (cinematic mod with added MMOD)
-Black mesa

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