How Stoke Space's Unique Rocket Works // Exclusive Tour & Interview
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 Published On Feb 4, 2023

What if I told you, there’s a company you likely haven’t heard of who's developing a fully and rapidly reusable rocket… and this isn’t a power point rocket, they’re already building it, and have been testing it at a pace that’s frankly ridiculous.

And they’re using the aerospike effect in a genius way to make for a fully reusable upper stage. Join me as I show you around Stoke Space’s headquarters and test facility and reveal their never before seen rocket.

I’ll explain in great detail how it works from their actively regeneratively cooled heat shield, to its unique offset geometry for precision reentry and landing, but also how its unique engine is integrated into the heat shield.

And read our Article about Stoke Space here -

00:00 - Intro
01:40 - Overview of Rocket
03:20 - Tour Starts / Thrust Section
07:00 - Upper Stage
09:05 - How the Heat Shield Works / Expander Cycle
15:10 - Why Stainless Steel
18:07 - Heat Shield
25:00 - How to Steer on Re-Entry
26:55 - Machine Shop
31:32 - Test Stand / Engine Tour
38:02 - Engine Test!
39:17 - Post Test Engine Tour
40:30 - Aerospike Discussion
44:22 - How to Start a Rocket Engine
48:05 - How to Control Using Thrust Differential
51:20 - Main [Booster] Engine Design
55:06 - Outro


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