We Must Land NOW!! The Incredible Story of Singapore Airlines Flight 319
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 Published On Nov 11, 2023

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I have no doubt that at some point you have all been sitting in the departure lounge looking out at terrible weather and wishing that it to go away before it’s your turn to take to the skys. Flying in bad weather is never fun but when it passes, can make our flight so much more enjoyable However, what do you do when that weather you’re flying through is actually chasing your aircraft, wherever you go and refuses to let you land!? Let’s find out...
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“How this Aircraft lost BOTH engines and landed!”

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Final Report:

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00:00 - Intro
00:48 - Always Have a Backup
02:14 - Fueling Underway
04:29 - Approaching Singapore
07:12 - Hold
10:24 - Delays + Fuel Burn
12:50 - Worsening Conditions
16:12 - Too Big Too Accommodate?
20:08 - Heading For Batam
25:10 - Dodging Storms
29:12 - Runway In Sight
31:39 - Not Enough Fuel
35:01 - Fuel Critical!

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