Throwing Good Money After Bad Car Infrastructure - Wonderland Road
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 Published On Oct 25, 2021

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My hometown is a typical sprawling suburban city that is dealing with the the results of decades of car-centric development. The city was prepared to spend over $200 million to widen a short 8 kilometer stretch of stroad; their largest infrastructure project of all time.

But this project was recently cancelled, due to concerns about climate change. Will this be a turning point in car-dependency, or just a speed bump on the way to transforming "Forest City" into "Asphalt City"?

Special thanks to @ClimateTown , @RMTransit , and @alanthefisher for bringing boring London city staff report quotes to life.


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Hoofdweg, Hoek Postjeskade
Stadsarchief Amsterdam

Designing to Move People


0:00 Intro
0:05 The Wonders of Wonderland
1:16 The Widening Plan
2:19 30 Meters of Wonderland
3:22 30 Meters of Hoofdweg
4:36 Transit Moves More People
5:15 Inducing Demand
6:00 The Changing Tides (and Sea Levels)
7:21 Commence Greenwashing!
8:29 The Wrong Way to do Transit
10:08 Conclusion
10:38 Patreon Shoutout
10:52 Outtro

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