We Got Scammed by a YouTube Commenter
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 Published On Aug 2, 2022

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In this video, we casually explore the underworld of YouTube's comments section -- namely, the scam comments, and primarily those that live on Telegram (although this used to be common on WhatsApp). The Telegram scams are rampant on YouTube; it's likely you've seen them, and although we're doing everything we can to ban emojis and phrases they commonly use, they continually evolve. The actual scam itself is something that most people haven't seen though, so at the end of the day one late night at work, we decided to play around with one of the scammers. It was surprisingly difficult to get scammed, but we did manage to lose some money.

Watch our video on the scam of Artesian Builds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2xMi7inB28

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00:00 - YouTube Telegram Scams
02:30 - Viewers Who Got Scammed by Commenters
03:40 - Our Warning to You
04:30 - Exploiting Human Psychology
06:13 - Hunting Scammers on Telegram
09:00 - Official JayzTwoCents and Austin Evans?!
10:15 - WE GOT ONE
13:20 - Scammers Invent a State
14:17 - Here Goes the Payment!
16:12 - Andrew Finds a Serious Flaw

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Host, Scam "Victim" - Steve Burke
Research - Patrick Lathan
Video - Andrew Coleman

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