So I Trapped 100 Kids on the Dream SMP…
Skeppy Skeppy
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 Published On Apr 23, 2022

I Trapped 100 Kids on the Dream SMP…

Welcome to today's video where I Trap 100 Kids On… The Dream SMP lmao. This was a really interesting one even for me.

So I ended up trapping 100 minecraft players on the Dream SMP! Basically a world of Dream's Minecraft server and so I decided to put a dome around BadBoyHalo and I's (Mine) house and host an event! This was super nostalgic and fun to have everyone involved in!

This was full of insane high IQ minecraft moments so make sure to stick around till the end. You will NOT believe what the final two players end up doing in this Minecraft event…

If this video hits 53,000 LIKES I will host a Minecraft event from one of the comments suggested down below!

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