Surviving a Frozen Dimension in Minecraft...
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 Published On Jan 22, 2022

Surviving a Frozen Dimension in Minecraft. The Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs update brought amazing new generation to the world of Minecraft, and made me want to make my own new custom dimension mod, with new mobs, new biomes, new structures, new mechanics and even a new custom mini boss! No splashes or cascades though, everything is frozen. Step aside Wild Update, I got the Frost Update right here.

Since I thought I could take my own challenge, I decided to invite my friends to beat it with me. We tried surviving this new Minecraft dimension, speed running the custom progression and hunting the new ennemies in this custom challenge! We only tried this for 2 hours though, which means the challenge of surviving a 100 days in hardcore in this dimension is still unbeaten!

Think you can do it? The mod is available for free here (I know I'm amazing):

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