Cities Aren't Loud: Cars Are Loud
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 Published On Premiered Jun 28, 2021

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Urban noise is a common problem, and the vast majority of it is created by motor vehicles. Noise is far too often dismissed as a minor nuisance, rather than the legitimate health issue that it is.

The book "Curbing Traffic" has a chapter about the health impacts of noise pollution. I explore the research in the book, and visit Delft, the city that is highlighted in the book as being a shining example of what can happen when noise pollution is taken seriously.

This video explores the problem that farting cars, farting motorcycles, and farting mopeds create in our cities.

Curbing Traffic
Melissa & Chris Bruntlett

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0:00 Intro
0:13 Cities are loud
0:36 The noise problem
1:33 Health implications of noise
2:43 How drivers create noise
3:21 Urban noise is not inevitable
4:08 Travel to Delft
4:51 Delft is really quiet
6:01 Reducing car traffic
7:02 Getting away from the noise
7:37 How cars create noise
8:12 Slow the cars
8:33 Quiet asphalt
9:24 Soundproofing
9:39 Delft summary & returning to Amsterdam
10:09 Measuring bicycle noise
11:05 Measuring car noise
11:20 Measuring moped noise
12:00 Measuring motorcycle noise
13:03 Electric vehicles
14:21 Moving people quietly
15:19 Why do we allow this?
15:47 What Amsterdam does about noise
16:17 Final thoughts
16:35 Patreon shout-out
16:47 Outro

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