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 Published On Nov 21, 2022

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0:00 - Intro
5:15 - Legacy Gear at Exotic Kiosk
7:33 - Best Sword Perks (Relentless / Whirlwind)
8:29 - Xenophage
9:31 - HardLight (and Ammit AR2)
11:26 - Forebearence (Wave Grenade Launcher)
12:56 - Ogma PR6 (and Syncopation nod)
14:45 - Add Clearing Close Range (SMG & Sidearm)
16:45 - Bows - Exotic & Legendary
20:19 - 3 - Taipan-4FR
21:45 - 2 - Gjallarhorn
22:27 - Gift of Thunder Gods
23:57 - 1 - Arbalest

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