SpaceX Starship Destruction & Awe-Inspiring Progress on the Path to Flight, Chandrayaan-3, Zhuque-2
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 Published On Jul 22, 2023

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Wow do we have some epic testing going on to catch you up on this week. Epic tests of SpaceX's new water deluge system, a SpaceX Starship Destroyed, and a surprise move of Booster 9 up onto the orbital launch mount. Is a booster static fire coming soon!? This is Awe-Inspiring Progress on the Path to Flight. We have a new moon lander and rover mission with Chandrayaan-3 lvm3 launch. We have the return of an exciting recovery mission. Will Rocket Lab give this Electron rocket a ‘second chance’ with their ‘Baby Come Back’ mission? We have Falcon 9 breaking more records, the Zhuque-2 Chinese rocket winning the Methalox race to orbit, and much much more.

Starship Gazer - First Water Cooled Steel Plate Test

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