Alex Caruso and JJ Redick Dissect The Offseason | KD's Trade Request, Donovan Mitchell In NYC & More
JJ Redick JJ Redick
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 Published On Jul 15, 2022

Alex Caruso joins The Old Man and The Three for a Free Agency Mailbag. Topics include: The Rudy Gobert trade between The Minnesota Timberwolves and The Utah Jazz, how Gobert, Karl Anthony Towns and Anthony Edwards reminds Alex of The 2020 Bubble Lakers, which of the remaining free agents is most intriguing, why The Houston Rockets and going to be extremely fun this year, JJ proclaims The Detroit Pistons could be contenders in a few years, the in-season tournament, who are Finals sleeper picks for next year (The Dallas Mavericks, The Denver Nuggets), Kevin Durant’s trade request from The Brooklyn Nets, where Alex see’s The Chicago Bulls improving next year, how Rasheed Wallace would do in today’s NBA, how to build around Donovan Mitchell and much more.

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