If I touch this tower, I die
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 Published On Nov 16, 2023

KMOX-AM is a 50kW clear channel station in St. Louis, MO; take a tower of the tower and transmitter site!

Special thanks to Audacy and KMOX-AM engineers for assisting us with this tower tour. Find KMOX online here: https://www.audacy.com/kmox

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00:00 - 50,000 Watts
00:23 - The tower is the antenna
04:12 - The ATU (Antenna Tuning Unit)
11:30 - Transmitter building
14:03 - PEP Station (EMP-proof)
15:28 - Transmitter building (and power distribution)
20:50 - Giant tower lights, and the !@&(* button
23:41 - Guy wires and a full-service restroom
25:31 - Transmitter room
37:43 - Backup studio and MREs
39:34 - A century of tools in the workshop
41:21 - Fried frogs and other tails

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