Surviving The Total Wipeout Challenge...
Tom Simons Tom Simons
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 Published On May 25, 2022

That's right ladies and gents. No. Just ladies. This following description is only to be read by ladies.

This is another classic Tom Simons vlog, where me and [FRIENDS] have a lot of fun. We went to Amsterdam just for this one. Just for you. Just for you we went to Amsterdam. I love you

Do you want to see more of me? Really? You do? Oh dearest female reader that means a lot. It truly does.

You can find more Tom Simons content HERE:
my Twitter - @tomsimons (I will be posting little preview moments from vlogs. Rarely. Because I forget a lot)
my Twitch - .tv/tommyinnit (Don't worry. I never stream)
my Instagram - @tommyinnit (Okay, I actually post here)
my- I think that's it. Does TikTok count? No. No. No. TikTok does not count.

Thank you for reading this, ladies. Unless you're the girl from the lift the other day that when I said "cool hoodie!" you chose to ignore me and just leave the lift. That was not cool.

This video was edited by @elodiegif on Twitter. Check her out as this video had like 20 cameras so it must have been a rough week or two

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