Why is SpaceX static firing a second Starship? JWST finds possible life on Exo Planet!
What about it!? What about it!?
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 Published On Sep 15, 2023

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Starship is ready to launch! Another round of prototype testing ahead! SpaceX gets a huge Falcon 9 contract! Amazon gets sued, and Webb might have evidence for life outside our planet!

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Editing: John Young, Alex Potvin, Stefanie Schlang
Photography: John Cargile, John Winkopp & Stefanie Schlang
3D Animation: Voop3D
Script & Research: Eryk Gawron, Oskar Wrobel, Felix Schlang
Host: Felix Schlang
Production: Stefanie & Felix Schlang
Graphics & Media Processing: Jonathan Heuer, Felix Schlang


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