What Does It Sound Like To Get Shot At? Bullet Sounds Near & Far
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 Published On Nov 20, 2022

What does it sound like to be shot at? In today’s video we show you what bullets sound like at various distances from various weapons. There is much that can be gleaned from these sounds specifically in reference to distance and caliber of the shooter. It’s a very interesting topic and I hope you’ll enjoy this video.

00:00 What does it sound like to get shot at by a 50 Cal
02:31 Weapons being used for test
03:45 Glock 17 9mm 200m
05:13 45-70 200m
06:06 40mm Grenade 200m
08:02 Weapons used for 500m to 1000m
09:44 45-70 500m
10:30 M16 5.56 500m
11:20 M4 Suppressed 500m
12:40 M1 Garand 500m
13:43 50 Cal 500m
14:33 45-70 1000m
15:06 M16 1000m
15:55 M4 Suppressed 1000m
16:30 M1 Garand 1000m
18:00 50 Cal 1000m

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All weapons featured are semi automatic and feed from 25 round magazines. All shooting was conducted on a closed private range by professional shooters.

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