20 Rules Taylor Swift's Staff Has To Follow
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 Published On Sep 6, 2022

Singers are known for being divas from time to time, but at least Taylor Swift has the talent to back it up!

Since she’s constantly at work writing music, recording and touring, it makes sense that this songbird has an army of staff to help her out. But you’ll be surprised by what they actually do for her!

From carrying her REAL handbag to hiding her in secret suitcases, there are some pretty strange tasks that Taylor Swift’s staff have to perform. And they all know the rules! Besides getting her Starbucks order right, everyone working for Taylor knows that they have to follow the signer’s strict set of instructions to make sure she stays on track with her song-writing work and busy schedule.

We knew that Taylor had some secrets up her sleeve, but did any of these wild staff rules surprise you?
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00:00 Intro
00:24 NDAs
00:53 Overprotective Body Guards
01:17 Authentic Photographers
01:40 Friendly Backup Dancers
02:01 Coffee Run
02:24 Must Lift Weights
02:45 No Tap Water
03:02 Sweet Tooth Friendly
03:28 Must Love Cats
03:49 No Grungy Styles
4:11 Keep Tunes Private
04:33 No Posting
04:51 Real Purse Holder
05:17 No Pepsi
05:35 Be A Cheerleader
06:09 Girl Gang
06:37 Tailored Workout
07:00 Healthy Meals
07:21 Must Read Contracts
07: 53 Swift Food Order
08:11 Outro

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Written by: Laurie M.

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