Army Veteran Died And Had A Chat With Jesus Face To Face! His Message Will Amaze You (NDE)
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 Published On Feb 28, 2023

Brian Hoyland experienced a heart failure and cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead for 10 minutes. During this time, he had a vivid Near-Death Experience, which included meeting and chatting with Jesus.

Army Veteran Died And Learned 3 Vital Lessons

Testimonies Journal was created with the aim to create a big journal of Near Death Experiences (NDE), Christian Testimonies, Jesus testimonies and Out of Body Experience (OBE) Stories, with the vision to make more people believe in the power of God to turn horrible situations into great marvelous experiences, to save souls, build positive communities, and set people free, through the testimonies of the power of Jesus to turn around any situation for the better.

Just like the The Other Side NDE, NDE Diary, Delafé Testimonies, Supernatural Stories, Off The Kirb Ministries and Vision unSEALED, we want to share the good news of Jesus to everyone.

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