3 Series Bimmer Battle! Twin Turbo LS Drifter drag races 800hp Daily Driver // THIS vs THAT
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 Published On Jan 25, 2023

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Jon’s twin turbo LS DRIFT MISSILE of a 325is might have too much power for its own good! Will a lack of mechanical sympathy give him the edge over Sam’s daily driver? Sure, he made some modifications but he sourced the parts from other Bimmer bits… mostly. The mystery turbo and the nitrous don’t count. This race is gonna knock your socks off.

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JON MOGEY / 1987 BMW 325is


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00:00 Intro
02:18 THIS: Jon's 1987 LS-Swapped BMW 325is
05:31 THAT: Sam's 1991 BMW 318i
09:19 Predictions, Prep & Prizes
10:47 Round 1
11:58 Round 2
13:48 Round 3
14:47 The Smokeshow

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