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 Published On Premiered Mar 25, 2024

Tuberculosis is often thought of as an old-timey disease, but in reality, it continues to kill over a million and a half people per year, despite its known cure. How did we get here, to a world where decades of work toward a cure stalled in its dissemination around the globe? And how can understanding the history of TB point us toward a different future? If you’ve been following author and TB-hater John Green in any way for the last year or so, this video is the deep dive you’ve been waiting for…

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The Deadliest Infectious Disease of All Time 00:00
Tuberculosis is Weird 3:36
"Man Got to Tell Himself He Understand" 7:05
The Allure of Consumption 14:46
The White Man's Plague 21:07
Treatments and the Cure 27:29
Where the Drugs Are Not 34:06
A Fundamental Mistrust 36:48
The World We Choose 45:34

The surprising history - and current dilemma - of TB

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