How I Bring In $350K A Year Selling Jewelry | On The Side
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 Published On Mar 26, 2022

Maya Portorreal, 27, started Kitten Co. with just $2,000 as a one-woman team in 2019. Making $45,000 a year at her full-time job, her jewelry side hustle generated her $250,000 in her first full year. Brand ambassador promotion on Instagram and business classes helped her grow her sales to $472,000 in 2020 and $350,000 in 2021. Her pieces range from $30 to $250, making them affordable jewelry. Working out of her apartment in Union, New Jersey, she’s added her mom and one remote worker to help with the company.

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Correction 3/28/2022: We misspelled Maya’s last name. The correct spelling is Portorreal.

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How I Bring In $350K A Year Selling Jewelry | On The Side

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