Can you beat Pokemon FireRed while blind and deaf?
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 Published On Oct 8, 2022

Pokemon FireRed completed without visuals or audio. The main goal of this project was to create a sequence of inputs that beats the game with an 100% chance of success. I fell just short of the gold standard 100%, but nonetheless, the sequence of inputs enables some fun challenges, like playing the game blind and deaf.

The game could probably be completed with a much lower level team, but I went with a safer strategy, leveling one member of the team very high. In the future, now that I've worked through this process once, I'll be taking faster, more complex approaches.

Intro: 0:00
Part 1: 2:11
Part 2: 9:45
Part 3: 18:33
Part 4: 26:15
Part 5: 38:32

The list of inputs:

Music in the order it appears:

Okazaki Fragments - IDoge
  / okazaki-fragments-box  

Pokemon League (Day)
   • Pokémon League (Day)[Pokémon: Diamond...  

Mystery Gift
   • Pokemon FireRed & LeafGreen OST - Mys...  

Cascades of Sine Waves - IDoge
  / cascades-of-sine-waves  

Mozarts Requiem - 1. Introitus
   • Mozart's Requiem - 1.  Introitus  

Erik Satie - Gymnopédie No.1
   • Erik Satie - Gymnopédie No.1  

Blue Moon - IDoge
  / blue-moon-box  

Last Brew - IDoge
  / last-brew-box  

Schubert - "Ständchen" D957
   • Schubert - "Ständchen" D957  

Blue Spring - rangerbts
  / blue-spring  

Sea Spray Smile - Miragey
  / sea-spray-smile  

Last Stop - Karl Casey @WhiteBatAudio
   • Synthwave / Retrowave - Last Stop // ...  

Miami Sky - Karl Casey @WhiteBatAudio
   • Free Synthwave Music - Miami Sky // N...  

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