Tesla PLAID: Why It Pushes The Limits Of Physics
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 Published On Dec 24, 2021

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Elon Musk has said that the Tesla Model S Plaid features some of the most advanced secret technology on earth. What are these “practically alien”  innovations he’s referring to?

The plaid features a few key upgrades that push the limits of physics and make it different than any Tesla before it. The Model S Plaid has a special drag strip mode to produce maximum acceleration for racing and demonstration.

But what makes the plaid’s powertrain different than any other electric car on the road?

The rear motor assembly is the Plaid’s most significant upgrade. 

It consists of two souped up Model 3 drive units placed back to back, housed symmetrically inside a precision aluminum subframe. These rear motors are coupled directly to each wheel with a single speed transmission. All 3 permanent magnet synchronous reluctance motors contain an innovative carbon fiber sleeved rotor instead of a traditional metal sleeved rotor.

On twitter Elon Said, The Plaid carbon-wrapped motor is arguably the most advanced motor on Earth outside of maybe a lab somewhere. We have to keep some secrets!

It appears a software update can unlock double century speed, but you might need some hardware upgrades, if you want to be able to stop. 

A curious listing for a Plaid Carbon Ceramic Brake kit popped up on Tesla’s website, and It seems Tesla is waiting to ship this improved stopping power, before they unlock 200MPH to regular customers.

The Tesla Plaid maintains an understated appearance with subtle hints that it contains something extra ordinary, but somehow still manages the lowest drag coefficient of any production car ever built.

The record ¼ mile speed for the plaid is is 9.081 seconds at 154.10 mph, and the car produces 1,020 horsepower and 1,050 lb-ft of torque.

Tesla is setting the table for fully autonomous driving with a smaller, more compact steering profile in the form of a yoke that reduces central gauge cluster obstruction.

In the plaid S, they have scaled down the battery capacity from 104 kilowatt hour to a slightly smaller 100 kilowatt hour pack with improved cooling and electrical architecture. The goal is to ensure the battery can meet the high performance requirements of the Plaid without overheating or losing power.

This might be the last plaid Tesla we see with the old cells before Tesla makes the switch to those big soda cans currently slotted for the Model Y, Semi, and cybertruck.

The Tesla Model S Plaid is a car for practical folks that appreciate performance over showiness, and want to ride on the bleeding edge of technological progress, and when all comparisons to your daily driver sedan are with seven figure hyper-cars, you know you’re in good company.

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