Tesla Model S Plaid vs Ken Block's 1400hp AWD Mustang // Hoonicorn vs The World 2
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 Published On Dec 09, 2021

The most anticipated and asked for race is here! The world’s QUICKEST production car, the 1020hp Tesla Model S Plaid versus Ken Block’s 1400hp AWD Mustang also known as the Hoonicorn! This race determines the future of cars… not really but it’s going to be fun! The Tesla Model S Plaid does 0-60mph in under 2 seconds and is capable of turning a 9.2 @ over 150mph down the 1/4 mile but the world’s quickest Plaid has done it in 8.9 seconds @ 155mph. Will this be Lia Block’s toughest race yet? Will this prove if Electric cars are better than Gas cars? Find out literally right now on Hoonicorn vs The World 2, enjoy!

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