Spring TeamFourStar Q&A
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 Published On Apr 13, 2022

Kaiser and Lani took some questions, and they're here to give you more answers than you've ever gotten from them before.

0:00 Spring Q&A
1:23 How Did The Pandemic Effect the Team
4:56 Any plans for future live-action series?
8:59 More Cons in the Future?
10:57 - What are your dream projects?
15:19 - Krillin Plays/Renegade For Life?
17:44 More series like HFIL?
19:13 Any Easter Eggs people have missed?
21:27 Any new projects outside of TFS?
24:28 More TFS At The Table?
26:55 Favorite DragonBall Fan Comic?
28:42 Popo VS. Goten & Trunks
29:58 New naming mechanism for Jojo stands?
31:47 Favorite Let's Play you've done?
33:10 Review of the new Demon Slayer season?
34:45 Difference in art style between HFIL and ShortZ?
36:00 More LPs with Lani, Grant, and Kirran?
41:04 Pixel's Court?
42:16 Any more Anime reviews?
44:47 Future of TFS as a brand?
48:27 Buu Saga Jokes you wanted to make?
51:04 What was the original plan with Bojack?
55:50 DBZA jokes that were vetoed?
58:10 More collabs with TotallyNotMark?
59:37 Was Krillin’s ending in the abridged series planned?
1:03:15 What is the most nonsensical line in your career?
1:03:57 Will Kaiser do another Discord Stage?
1:05:07 More TFS Vtubers?
1:06:40 How is Kaiser's Husband?
1:08:41 Funimation/Crunchyroll Rebrand?
1:14:07 How do you feel about your success?
1:15:09 Favorite jokes from Abridged?
1:19:13 What do you regret NOT being able to parody?
1:26:07 What advice for people trying to build a team/business with friends?

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